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Lily and Gridrigor. by Phoeberia
Lily and Gridrigor.
Lol been thinking of this for a while, something adorable with Gri, but im not quite good at drawing kids lol. Anyways, Gri is freakishly big to adults as it is so a child is no surprise. Right now he is tending to pretty much his first daughter. Hes not quite sure what to do with her shes so small despite being around five now.

She loves him all the same though XD
Xavier and Maxis by Phoeberia
Xavier and Maxis

They reside in many different universes and can be used for fun stuff but heres the basic outline of them.

Both: Their in a cult known as the watchers, they were also born/made from the cult.
Xavier: Pretty much an undead shadow wizzard, hes quite peppier than he looks, but his smile comes off as an angsty glare because many of the muscles in his face dont work correctly.

Maxis: Is well, a were creature. hes more a chimera than anything, when made he wasnt given a specific shape to change to and turn more into a gnash of angry teeth and claws, nothing to fun to look at.

Mod: Whelp... got to draw these two during another lonely and quiet stream.... w/e maybe if I offered to draw ppls ocs ppl woulda come for the free art... but no im a douchbag for hoping ppl just wanted to hang out... w/e.
Shade 'Jacob' Rain by Phoeberia
Shade 'Jacob' Rain
Mister Rawrg! what fun derps lol. another askable derp on my blog.…
Son of Deities by Phoeberia
Son of Deities
This is Ang, son of Azell and Grayson, weirdly a possibility that more than one of the six gods can be a single childs father.

Unfortunately he has a bad attitude like both his fathers though more of a wus than anything... and during modern times hes abit of a swag bitch XD. He works in fashion and money, his own way of being worshipped and adored.

Anyways you can contact this ass butt on my main tumblr which kinda doubles as an ask blog.
Bailey playing by Phoeberia
Bailey playing

Blind Baby Bailey.

My bundle of Ender cuteness, hes grown his hair out more but finds it to be a bundle of fluff, this is one of the many ways he can wear it, the only bit he keeps straight is the strand infront of his face which is normal for his kin to have, that and his sister usually does his hair anywyas.

X3 daw my baby I want to cuddle him so muh lol.

{I got an addiction with floof right now.]

Heres the tumblr hes on X3…



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Line art 5$

Icon 8$

flats 10$
Grichious the Torchhound. by Phoeberia

minor shade 15$
RingMaster by Phoeberia
Vampony Duchess by Phoeberia

Detailed shade 20$
Commission: Alexander Meditating. by Phoeberia

+5$ per character.

-Paypal only.
-These prices are for those without backgrounds or a one color background.
- No sexual stuff please.
-If you want backgrounds it can be discussed.

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I love art though I sometimes feel i cant find time for it, im abit of a derp is all x3

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hi i was wondering if you still did mlp galla dresses? if it costs points i only have 14 (im 16 and have no money) i made one but its just a rough scetch... and i was wondering if you could. buff out the bumps so to speak.. 
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